Our Mission:
We seek to touch and transform one million lives
who are ready for anything, no matter what tomorrow brings.

This is personal.

The need to create Life Goes On  Roadmap® came to light in late 2017 when 3 women in Nancy Juetten's life were faced with unexpected diagnosis, divorce, and death.

These women were completely undone by their new circumstances.

As a woman in her 50's, Nancy woke up to the reality that she could be next.

She asked her husband Steve to get her up to speed about all their passwords, account information, and other crucial documents and information so she could be empowered to drive life forward if something should happen to him.

When they completed that important assignment on a rainy day, Nancy and Steve talked about a lot of things that had long gone unsaid.  Their relationship deepened. Getting on equal footing was a relief  and a blessing to both.

That's when they realized that families everywhere could benefit from getting on the same page about crucial financial matters, no matter what tomorrow might bring.

When the rubber meets the road in life, THAT is really important.

Life as we know it can change in an instant. That's why getting your act together now can be the greatest gift you can give to those you love the most.

Don't delay. Let Life Goes On Roadmap® show you the way.

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Life Goes On  Roadmap®  is the toolkit of choice for families that don't want to leave a big, fat mess for their loved ones to clean up later, just in case something random or crazy happens that changes everything in an instant. 

It's a powerful conversation starter and a fabulous gift idea that brings families closer, while saving them drama, trauma, and chaos when the rubber meets the road in life.

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